Association Lectures

Brief history of the Attention and Performance symposia:


Symposium Organizer(s) Subject
Eighth Symposium W. R. Garner Functional Aspects of Information Processing
Ninth Symposium Donald E. Broadbent From the Percept to the Cognitive Structure
Tenth Symposium Michael I. Posner (Co-author Yoav Cohen) Components of Visual Orienting
Eleventh Symposium Max Coltheart Cognitive Neuropsychology and the Study of Reading
Twelfth Symposium James L. McClelland Case for Interactionism in Language Processing
Thirteenth Symposium Saul Sternberg (Co-authors Ronald L. Knoll and David L. Turock) Hierarchical Control in the Execution of Action Sequences: Tests of Two Invariance Properties
Fourteenth Symposium David E. Rumelhart (Co-author Peter M. Todd) Learning and Connectionist Representations
Fifteenth Symposium George Mandler Hypermnesia, Incubation, and Mind Popping: On Remembering without Really Trying
Sixteenth Symposium Anne Treisman (Co-author Breff DeSchepper) Object Tokens, Attention, and Visual Memory
Seventeenth Symposium David E. Meyer (Co-author David E. Kieras) Precis to a Pracitical Unified Theory of Cognition and Action: Some Lessons from EPIC Computational Models of Human Multiple-Task Performance
Eighteenth Symposium Alan Allport (Co-author Glenn Wylie) Task-switching, stimulus-response bindings, and negative priming
Nineteenth Symposium Sylvan Kornblum Intertrial effects of dimensional overlap: Findings and issues
Twentieth Symposium Giacomo Rizzolatti Action understanding and imitation: facts and speculations
Twenty-first Symposium Tim Shallice Contrasting domains in the control of action: The routine and the non-routine
Twenty-second Symposium Marc Jeannerod From myself to other selves
Twenty-third Symposium Colin F. Camerer Psychological influences on economic choice: Pavlovian cuing and emotional regulation
Twenty-fourth Symposium C. Randy Gallistel Mental magnitudes
Twenty-fifth Symposium Nelson Cowan Sensational memorability: Working memory for things we see, hear, feel, or somehow sense
Twenty-sixth Symposium Chris Frith Is there a We-mode?
Twenty-seventh Symposium John Duncan Assembly of novel cognitive episodes.


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